Sprint completes test of AirPrime’s new 3G CDMA “VisorPhone”

Sprint completes test of AirPrime’s new 3G CDMA “VisorPhone”


By Marcus Adolfsson

3G cdma2000 1x-Ready SB3000 Module to Deliver 14.4 kbps Data/Voice Today, 144 kbps Data/Voice at 3G cdma2000 1x Network Rollout.

AirPrime, a leading provider of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless voice and data products to the OEM market, today announced that it has successfully completed field testing approvals for its 3G (Third-Generation packet-switching technology) cdma2000 1x-ready wireless voice/data module for the Handspring Visor family of handheld computers.

The tests were made in cooperation with Sprint PCS, at its Systems Test and Integration Center in Lenexa, Kansas.

AirPrime’s Springboard module, the SB3000, incorporates QUALCOMM’s newest MSM5105 integrated circuit and system software, which sampled in December of last year.

The MSM5105 solution supports 3G cdma2000 1x data rates of 144 kbps and is backward compatible with IS-95A/B at data rates of 14.4/64 kbps today.