New Plantronics Bluetooth™ Headset Powered By WIDCOMM Protocol Stack

New Plantronics Bluetooth™ Headset Powered By WIDCOMM Protocol Stack


Plantronics, Inc., (NYSE:PLT), the world leader in communications headsets, and WIDCOMM Inc., a world leader in Bluetooth™ software and networking solutions, today announced their joint development efforts to bring an all-new lightweight headset with Bluetooth wireless technology to market by summer 2001. Plantronics selected WIDCOMM Protocol Stack technology to supply the core Bluetooth capability for the new Plantronics M1000 Wireless Headset, announced this week at CTIA and CeBIT.

The agreement between Plantronics and WIDCOMM called for porting WIDCOMM’s Bluetooth Protocol Stack for Embedded Systems (BTE) to a second-generation Bluetooth chipset for integration into the headset. WIDCOMM’s BTE is a completely integrated development software suite that enables Bluetooth wireless technology to be added to any embedded system quickly and easily. Designed for mobile professionals, the new Plantronics M1000 Wireless Headset weighs only 26 grams and delivers better sound quality and longer talk times than products based on first-generation chipsets. The new headset will provide hands-free communications with other Bluetooth devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs.

“Our research clearly shows that mobile users expect a Bluetooth headset to be compact, lightweight and stylish. With the help of WIDCOMM’s embedded technology, we are able to create and manufacture a lightweight wireless headset,” said Joyce Shimizu, President of Plantronics’ Mobile Division. “WIDCOMM’s leadership in embedded Bluetooth solutions has enabled us to significantly reduce time-to-market for our new M1000 Wireless Headset.”

“WIDCOMM’s vision is to enable people to access information and services from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. The new Plantronics headset offers great sound quality, superb comfort and thoughtful design. It’s a perfect example of the type of high-quality mobile devices the world is waiting for,” commented Hiep Pham, WIDCOMM President and CEO. “We’re honored to work closely with Plantronics. They’re a prestigious partner that has both the technical expertise and the marketing strength to leverage our technology to produce one of the world’s first and finest Bluetooth wireless headsets.”