LLGE Develops World’s Fastest CD-RW Drive for Notebooks

LLGE Develops World’s Fastest CD-RW Drive for Notebooks


LG Electronics has developed the world’s fastest CD-RW drive for notebook computers. The new product will be introduced in the world market from May this year.

The new CD-RW (CD Re-Writable) drive (Model: GCE 8080N) supports 8-speed CD writing, 8-speed CD re-writing, and 24-speed CD playback. In particular, the CD re-write (8x) and CD re-write disc playback are world’s fastest.

The new product also uses the “Exact-Link Fuction” new data recording method, the first used by LGE, to increase stability by eliminating problems like vibration and noise that can occur during high-speed data recording. LGE also successfully developed its own proprietary optical pick-up, which is a core component of CD-RW to secure important core technology and sharpen its price competitive edge.

The new CD-RW drive is very slim in design with thickness of a mere 12.7mm so that it can be installed in notebook computers. The weight is also the world’s lightest with 195g. Power consumption was also drastically reduced to 980mA during general use and 50mA while idling. Moreover, it increased user convenience as it can be easily installed in notebook computers without use of any additional tools.

At the same time, the product’s increased average data processing speed is 130ms (1/10 of second), and it has improved disc playback compatibility so that it can playback almost all CD type discs.

The CD-RW drive goes one step further than CD-ROM drive that can only read stored data. It is a leading-edge digital optical storage device that can record data repeatedly for more than 1,000 times. Demand for the CD-RW drive is rapidly growing with the world market size expected to expand from 22 million units last year to 38 million units (US$ 4 billion).