Kyocera Wireless Corp. Announces New CDMA Module Product Line

Kyocera Wireless Corp. Announces New CDMA Module Product Line


Kyocera Wireless Corp., a leading provider of innovative CDMA wireless handsets, Tuesday announced the first of a series of CDMA tri-mode wireless modules.

The new product line represents a significant expansion of Kyocera’s product portfolio beyond wireless handsets. Sample units of the Kyocera CDMA module will be displayed at the Kyocera Wireless Corp. booth (No. 3061) at the Wireless 2001 trade show in Las Vegas.

The Kyocera CDMA modules product line will expand to support emerging third-generation (3G) wireless standards as carriers deploy 3G networks. Current plans include specialized modules with ruggedized components for automotive telematics as well as modules with enhanced feature sets, such as MP3, video, Bluetooth and other emerging technologies, for hybrid multimedia devices.

“The launch of our CDMA module product line represents a major strategic achievement for Kyocera Wireless Corp.,” said Masahiro Inoue, president and CEO of Kyocera Wireless Corp. “When the company was founded in February 2000, one of the goals we established was the expansion of the product portfolio beyond conventional wireless phones. With the introduction of our CDMA module product line, we have achieved that goal.”

According to Strategy Analytics, the global wireless data and computing device market opportunity will grow from just over $70 billion in 2000 to $175 billion in 2005. Kyocera’s wireless module allows OEMs to integrate CDMA voice and data capabilities into a wide range of products, including PDAs, laptop and handheld computers, and other consumer electronics devices. Business uses, such as remote metering, wireless point-of-sale terminals and vehicle tracking, are also likely applications for this device.

Kyocera’s CDMA module is based on the proven design and certified hardware found in the popular new QCP(TM) 6035 Smartphone. The module’s tri-mode capability (CDMA PCS 1900 MHz, CDMA digital 800 MHz and AMPS 800 MHz) provides seamless wireless coverage across North America. A CDMA module developer’s kit will provide OEMs with tools to accelerate the integration of the module into a larger device or system.