AverMedia Palm-sized USB presenter

AverMedia Palm-sized USB presenter


Forget those old faded photos in dusty photo albums. Always have your pictures in their pristine condition. We, at AVerMedia can put more excitement in reliving your memories.

The AVerEPack300 is the innovative way of storing your pictures. Bring your photos to the digital age, by storing them in electronic format. The AVerEPack300 is the best replacement to your photo album. Wouldn’t it be great to share your photos with your family and friends, the AVerEPack300 projects your precious moments on TV screen or via LCD projector. Never worry about running out of sleeves for your photographs, the AVerEPack300 stores your pictures in 8MB CompactFlash card .

Preparing for a presentation is an easy and straightforward task with the AVerEPack300. Create your slides with a presentation or image-editing program. The AVerEPack300 is bundled with a handy and user friendly utility software, allowing users to easily sort their slides and upload them to the AVerEPack300. Display your slides in your very own living room or in a friends house via TV, LCD projector or a VGA monitor. With the AVerEPack300 remote control, it surely enlivens your presentation.

The AVerEPack3 is a welcome tool in family gatherings, reunions, celebrations and parties. The AVerEPack3 makes the great memories come to life and be the life of the party.