TDK’s Mojo MP3 Jukebox

TDK’s Mojo MP3 Jukebox


In a move that will impact the listening habits of millions of music lovers, TDK today announced the development of the world’s first CD Digital Jukebox, a portable CD-based MP3 player that for the first time offers full artist, song title, album and musical genre navigation plus on-the-go playlist creation. Dubbed MOJO for the magic it adds to the portable music experience, the device combines the economy and unlimited storage capacity of CD-based MP3 players with the navigational flexibility of expensive solid-state and hard-disk based devices.

The key to MOJO’s enhanced functionality is TDK’s exclusive Navitrack™ navigation technology (patent pending), which enables MOJO to quickly read and sort the music ID information contained in each MP3 file. In just a few seconds, Navitrack scans every music file on an MP3-CD and displays this information on MOJO’s bright, backlit 4-line LCD screen. Find the music you want to hear by Artist, Album, Song Title and Musical Genre….MOJO’s navigation keys make it fast and easy. Equally exciting, MOJO is the first portable CD-MP3 player to allow users to create custom playlists. And MOJO remembers playlists created for up to five CD-MP3 discs.

“MOJO really is the magic that everyone with CD burners has been waiting for,” commented Patricia O’Donnell Smith, TDK Product Manager. “No other CD-MP3 player offers MOJO’s navigation and playlist capability; it truly is the first CD Digital Jukebox. With just a few taps on its navigation compass, you can find all the albums by a specific artist on your CD, then add just the tracks you want to hear to your playlist. Most important, the whole process is fast and easy. And because each CD-MP3 disc can hold about 150 songs, MOJO lets you take an entire music collection with you on inexpensive recordable CD discs.”

Unlike power-hogging hard-disk based MP3 devices, MOJO plays for up to 10 hours on two rechargeable Nickel Metal-Hydride AA batteries. MOJO’s superior play time capability is the result of advanced power management circuitry that fills the unit’s anti-shock memory buffer with up to eight minutes of MP3 music, then pauses the CD drive motor to conserve energy. The supplied NiMH batteries can be recharged in the unit itself with the included AC adapter, or MOJO can operate on two AA alkaline batteries.

The Navitrack Software Breakthrough
MOJO gains its digital jukebox functionality with a unique software breakthrough that avoids the file navigation limitations of conventional CD-MP3 players.

Conventional CD-MP3 players cannot offer file navigation because of the nature of music identification (ID3) tag information, which is typically appended to the end of an MP3 file. To read this information, a disc-based player must scan through every file, a time consuming operation on a disc that can contain in excess of 150 songs. MOJO’s Navitrack system eliminates this limitation with a PC-based software utility that copies the ID3 information into the MP3 file name area. With the data now accessible at the head of each file, MOJO can scan, sort, display and provide access to artist, title and genre information in just seconds.

Using the supplied Navitrack software is fast and easy. Tracks ripped with Internet-enabled software packages like MusicMatch Jukebox are converted automatically in a process that takes just seconds. And Navitrack gives users the opportunity to edit ID3 tag information, an important feature for music ripped without Internet access to the CDDB online music database.

TDK includes MusicMatch Jukebox 6.0 software with the MOJO player. MusicMatch handles ripping, MP3 conversion, track labeling (with Internet access), PC music management and CD burning in an easy-to-use integrated package. With TDK Navitrack software and MusicMatch Jukebox, MOJO is a complete portable music solution for everyone who owns a Windows-based CD burner.

MOJO is truly the ultimate portable music machine. Its preset equalizer settings (Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc.) plus bass boost system enable listeners to tailor the sound quality to their personal preferences. In addition, MOJO includes a line out connection for playback through an external audio system. MOJO comes with bass enhanced high-fidelity headphones, an AC power adapter and two rechargeable NiMH AA batteries.

MOJO will be available in April at an estimated street price of just $179.99.