Telespree Launches New Category of Wireless: Over-the-Counter Communications

Telespree Launches New Category of Wireless: Over-the-Counter Communications


Telespree Communications, a wireless systems provider, announced today a new prepaid service solution for operators enabling a one-button voice-driven handset/AirClipÔ combination for the mass market. Just as disposable cameras transformed the photo industry by overcoming cost, complexity and challenging traditional distribution channels, Telespree is the first company to introduce “Over-The-Counter Wireless” – consumers can use it whenever they need it, wherever they are.

“While the perception is that wireless has reached the mass market, statistics point out that 60 percent of individuals in the United States still don’t own a wireless phone, with even larger unserved markets in much of the rest of the world,” said Alon Segal, CEO of Telespree. “Our patented prepaid wireless service delivery platform and handset combination is going to help operators change that and expand on the promise of wireless access – everywhere for everyone. Imagine giving a wireless phone to your eight-year-old child so he can call you to pick him up after school by saying ‘call home.’”

Inexpensive and easy to use, Telespree’s phones and AirClips™, a combined prepaid airtime and power pack, are ideally suited to be sold at diverse retail outlets, mass retail stores, drug stores, grocery stores and even gas stations – without any dedicated sales support. The phones are ready to use right out of the package. To use the phones, consumers snap a Telespree disposable AirClip™ on to the back of their handset. Thirty, sixty, ninety and one hundred twenty minute versions will be available, among other denominations. To “dial” a number, one simply presses the on/off button and says the number; it’s as easy as saying, “one, two, three.” Once the prepaid airtime is used, consumers can conveniently buy and replace the AirClip™. The phone’s unique single button design, and voice-activated dialing makes the phone extremely easy to use.

The Telespree phones are enabled by a backend system network element, the Intelligent Service Manager (ISM): a smart server/thin client system. The ISM, compatible with the operator’s mobile standard, aximizes the revenue potential of existing infrastructure. This makes it possible for wireless carriers to absorb Nuance’s industry-leading speech recognition software, Nuance 7.0, is the engine behind Telespree’s voice-driven solution. Nuance 7.0 delivers the highest level of accuracy, scalability and reliability available, and is designed for deployments in carrier networks. “At Telespree, we have developed a voice-driven wireless system that is easy-to-use, affordable and convenient,” said Alon Segal, CEO of Telespree. “To ensure the best speech recognition technology, we chose the industry leader – Nuance.” Telespree’s voice-driven product and service offering includes a one-button wireless phone, disposable AirClips™ for prepaid airtime and battery power, and the Intelligent Service Manager platform, a unique smart server/thin client system.

Targeted to the mass market, the inexpensive phones, which are ready to use right out of the package, will be sold by wireless carriers through such diverse retail outlets as mall kiosks, mass market retailers, grocery stores and even gas stations.