LynuxWorks and NeoMagic to Provide BlueCat Linux OS for System-on-Chip Solution for...

LynuxWorks and NeoMagic to Provide BlueCat Linux OS for System-on-Chip Solution for Handhelds


LynuxWorksTM, Inc., a provider of open source and true real-time embedded solutions for the post-PC era, and NeoMagic Corporation, a leading pioneer of embedded DRAM and logic technology, today announced that they are using LynuxWorks’ embedded BlueCatTM Linux for the upcoming NeoMagic System-on-Chip (SoC) platform for smart handheld devices.

The SoC solution from NeoMagic is designed to meet the ever-increasing demand for enhanced graphics, audio and video playback, low power consumption, compact form factor and affordable price targets in handheld systems, elevating the Personal Digital Assistant to the level of a Personal Entertainment Device. One key part of that success equation will be capable, yet cost-effective, operating systems for the deployment of embedded applications and drivers.

“We found the open-source nature of LynuxWorks’ BlueCat Linux, and their aggressive porting services, quite suitable for keeping our development and deployment costs to a minimum,” said Jason Chiang, product marketing manager at NeoMagic. “BlueCat also enables increased design validation and test coverage of the SoC during the product development phase, and therefore helps to reduce the time-to-market cycle.”

LynuxWorks’ BlueCat is an open-source Linux, targeted and tailored for embedded development and deployment. BlueCat Linux has been engineered to allow configuration to accurately match the requirements of embedded development from small devices to large-scale multi-CPU systems.

“The support for LynuxWorks’ BlueCat on NeoMagic’s SoC will provide our customers with best-of-breed products and services for developing next generation smart devices,” said Greg Rose, director of product management for LynuxWorks. “The reference design will extend LynuxWorks’ commitment to embedded markets for Internet-based, consumer information and entertainment devices.”

In addition to a stable commercial version of Linux, the company provides a complete software development environment and tools for debugging and tuning applications, optional support packages for software engineering, technical support, consulting and professional services.