Handspring Introduces Super-Thin Visor with Robust Expansion Capabilities

Handspring Introduces Super-Thin Visor with Robust Expansion Capabilities


Handspring, Inc., (NASDAQ: HAND) today introduced Visor Edge™, an extremely thin, infinitely expandable handheld computer that brings ultimate portability and flexibility to the popular Visor family of expandable handheld computers. Visor Edge is Handspring’s first slim-design handheld, combining a sleek and lightweight metal casing with the optional expandability of the Springboard platform. Available immediately in three metallic colors at Handspring.com, and in select retail stores across North America and English-speaking regions throughout the world by the end of the month, Visor Edge will sell for U.S. $399. Availability of colors may vary at retail stores.

The company also introduced a new graphite color version of its popular Visor Platinum today, which is available immediately in the U.S. at Handspring.com for $299. Handspring will introduce the products at simultaneous events today in Mountain View, Calif., New York, NY and London, England. Handspring will Webcast the Mountain View event from the Handspring corporate headquarters at 11:30am PST. A link to the Webcast can be found at Handspring.com.

Visor Edge offers a crisp monochrome screen, a rechargeable battery and all of the enhanced performance benefits of the popular Visor Platinum edition. Based on Palm OS 3.5.2H2, Visor Edge is also the first Visor product to be available in a metal casing, which comes in three new metallic colors: silver, blue and red. Availability of colors will vary in the retail channel but all can be purchased at Handspring.com. With a small and easily detachable Springboard slot that simply slides onto and off of the back of the product, Visor Edge is compatible with all existing Springboard modules that support Palm OS 3.5, including VisorPhone. The detachable slot gives people the option to use Springboard expansion products as needed while affording the benefits of a more slim design when modules are not in use.

“Consumers embraced our first Visor products because of the infinite possibilities made real by the Springboard expansion slot. Visor Edge is a natural evolution of that family, adding a more stylish design and greater portability while maintaining compatibility with all the exciting Springboard expansion modules,” said Ed Colligan, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Handspring. “We’ve received fantastic feedback on Visor Edge’s fun, cool design, and people find the ability to instantly add the Springboard expansion slot a wonderful bonus.”

Handspring expects to ship international language versions of Visor Edge beginning in April. The international English version of Visor Edge is expected to be available this year in all English-speaking regions throughout Europe and Asia where Visor is sold. Handspring will also begin selling its full line of Visor handhelds, including Visor Edge, in Australia and New Zealand this month.