eBookAd Teams Up With Korea ebook, Announce Plans To Launch ‘hiebook’, a...

eBookAd Teams Up With Korea ebook, Announce Plans To Launch ‘hiebook’, a Third Generation eBook Device, in North America


The world’s leading eBook portal, eBookAd.com Inc., previously announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership with Seoul-based Korea ebook Inc. The relationship paves the way for the introduction of the revolutionary ‘hiebook’ into the North American market.

The ‘hiebook’ combines an XML based, OEB-compliant eBook reader, an MP3 player, a digital audio recorder, PDA functions and games in one affordable, portable, and lightweight device. Designed from the ground up for reading eBooks, the device features a 5.6-inch diagonal backlit touch screen LCD capable of displaying crisp text and graphics at a resolution of 320 X 480 pixels. Upgraded from its first model, the ‘hiebook’ will ship in the U.S. and Canada later this year and will be fully loaded with 16 MB of flash ROM, plus an additional 2 MB of RAM. The memory can be expanded to 128 MB with SMC memory.

“The reading experience is truly remarkable.”, explains eBookAd Executive Vice President Dustin Revin. “An optimal size screen is mandatory to create an immerse reading environment. Weighing only 10.5 oz., the ‘hiebook’ has struck the perfect balance between size and weight.”

The ‘hiebook’ solution goes far beyond the hardware device. A suite of tools and services will be introduced empowering authors and publishers of all sizes who wish to make their content available. Content sellers will have the ability to deliver titles directly over the Internet, which can be sent to the ‘hiebook’ through its built-in USB port. An SDK will be available enabling individuals or companies to develop applications and games that will interface with or run on the ‘hiebook’.