Palm’s New m105 Handheld Adds Memory, Email and Internet Connectivity

Palm’s New m105 Handheld Adds Memory, Email and Internet Connectivity


Palm, Inc. (Nasdaq: PALM) today began selling the Palm(TM) m105 handheld computer – an extension to the award-winning and stylish Palm m100 handheld, but with Internet connection software included, extra memory for additional applications and data, and a stylish cradle.

For an estimated U.S. street price of $199, the Palm m105 handheld combines the simplicity of the Palm m100 handheld with 8MB of memory four times the memory of the m100. In addition, the Palm m105 handheld comes with connectivity software in the box, so customers can use a compatible mobile phone to access the Internet and check email. The Palm m105 handheld also comes with a removable faceplate, and 14 new colorful faceplates are now available separately in addition to the original five colors launched with the Palm m100 handheld.

Women and younger buyers were especially attracted to the Palm m100 series, expanding Palm’s reach into new markets beyond its traditional mobile professional customer base. “These new buyers immediately loved the innovative design and low price, making the m100 the fastest-selling product in Palm’s history. And our research indicates m100 handheld owners are extremely happy with their purchases,” said Byron Connell, vice president, Consumer Markets Group, Palm, Inc. “The m105 builds on that foundation and lets customers stay up-to-date with news, email and the more than 550 available web clipping applications.”

The Palm m105 handheld offers people several options for keeping in touch. The included Palm Mobile Internet Kit software (1) allows customers to connect
wirelessly to the Internet, email and instant-messaging features via a compatible mobile phone or modem (2). Web clipping technology enables Palm m105 handheld users to access popular web content in a format tailored for fast, comfortable handheld viewing. More than 550 web clipping applications can be downloaded for free at the Palm.Net website (

For email, the kit includes Palm MultiMail(R) software (POP3, IMAP4), providing access to personal Internet email, such as Earthlink and AT&T Worldnet. The kit also includes the Short Messaging Service (SMS) protocol, which lets users send and receive messages to pagers and cellular phones using a data-enabled mobile phone.

In addition to the Mobile Internet Kit, the Palm m105 handheld includes AOL for Palm OS(R), which gives Palm m105 handheld users and AOL members access to AOL Mail, AOL Instant Messenger and personalized Buddy Lists. The Palm m105 handheld also comes with Palm HotSync(R) Mail, which enables users to read and reply to desktop email offline while on the go.