The GlobeTrotter Tri-Band GPRS PC Radio Card

The GlobeTrotter Tri-Band GPRS PC Radio Card


The Option “GlobeTrotter” is a Tri-band GPRS PC Radio Card. It brings high speed GPRS Internet access to any Notebook or PDA Handheld that is equipped with a Type II PC Card slot and uses the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Users of GlobeTrotter are able to send and receive E-Mail, browse the Internet, and even schedule appointments, whilst staying synchronised over the GPRS network with their office or home desktop computer.

Being Tri-band, EGSM900, DCS1800 and PCS1900, GlobeTrotter is compatible with all GPRS/GSM networks and can be used anywhere in the world, which is not possible with any other card at present.

Option’s GlobeTrotter is a class B device, which means that users can receive GSM calls while data files are being transmitted over GPRS.

The data transfer is temporarily interrupted while the call is answered, and then resumed automatically once the call is completed.

Also featured within GlobeTrotter is data stream multiplexing technology that enables the user at all times to monitor signal strength, Quality of Service, and measure data throughput in real time.

The Always On…Always Connected feature of GPRS lends itself to real time remote connectivity and is ideal for the synchronisation of mobile devices with the corporate network and centralised databases. Designed primarily for the business and corporate sectors where security is paramount, GlobeTrotter supports IPsec standard client software providing secure remote IP access to corporate networks.

Included with the GlobeTrotter GPRS Radio Card is Option’s easy to use and intuitive WCM (Wireless Communication Manager) application that enables the seamless integration of its Data, Phone and SMS functionality to Microsoft Outlook and the MS Windows operating system.

GlobeTrotter accessories include: a high quality headset for Voice usage; an optional external Tri-band mobile antenna, and optional plug-in battery pack when GlobeTrotter is used with limited power PDA’s.