SwapDrive Announces Wireless Support for Online Storage And File Management Service

SwapDrive Announces Wireless Support for Online Storage And File Management Service


SwapDrive, a provider of online storage and file management software and services, today announced that the first phase of the company’s three-tiered wireless support initiative is now available. Wireless file access and data storage is the latest enhancement to the company’s Corporate Web service. Current and future Corporate Web customers can utilize the wireless service at no extra charge.

Phase I wireless support will enable Palm™ VIIx Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) users to access, view and manage their files and share data with customers, partners and fellow employees. Phase II, expected to be integrated into the Corporate Web service in Q2 of 2001, will extend support to additional wireless platforms. Phase III, which will be rolled-out in Q3 of 2001, will include the ability to fax, upload, download and email files from a wireless device.

According to SwapDrive CEO Marc Wallace, adding wireless support to SwapDrive’s Corporate Web provides PDA users with data access anytime and from anywhere. It also eliminates the need for companies to purchase external PDA storage devices – an unnecessary capital expenditure when data can be stored securely and reliably by an online storage service provider.

“Our wireless support initiative was developed to make PDAs more effective for corporations that use the devices for critical business communications and transactions,” explains Wallace. “The Corporate Web wireless service will extend the functionality of PDAs by enabling the mobile workforce to have instantaneous access to data and the ability to review, edit and send very large files, such as PowerPoint presentations and complex, lengthy sales reports from anywhere using a Web-enabled PDA.”