RoadSnoop Bluetooth Tire Diagnostic

RoadSnoop Bluetooth Tire Diagnostic


The RoadSnoop Safety System is a patented Bluetooth application. The Bluetooth system allows the transmission of tire pressure warnings to different devices: the display on the RoadSnoop mobile phone mount on the dashboard, a mobile phone with Bluetooth capabilities, the car’s own security information system, or even external displays, e.g. at service stations.

RoadSnoop is installed when the tires are first purchased. The sensors are installed on the wheels and no modications are required inside the vehicle. Starting to use RoadSnoop is easy thanks to its self-conguring feature. Once installed, you cannot see or hear RoadSnoop as long as your tire pressures are OK.

The automatic standby display and alarm will alert you immediately if the tire pressure changes. Naturally, you can also view the pressure information on the display whenever you want. The easy-to-use RoadSnoop requires no maintenance. The battery will last for about five years. Batteries can be replaced as the tires need replacing. The sensors can be re-installed to your new tires.