BlueTalk Bluetooth P2P Client Software

BlueTalk Bluetooth P2P Client Software


Pocit Labs today unveiled BlueTalk-the world’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) network client for handheld devices based on the Bluetooth standard. BlueTalk provides the means for developing an entirely new generation of applications that utilize the benefits of local, ad hoc networking. The first version of the product is to be prereleased in June at the Bluetooth Congress 2001 in Monte Carlo.

BlueTalk is an intelligent peer-to-peer network client for handheld devices. The product, which is 100% Bluetooth-compliant, works with leading Bluetooth cards and stacks on the market. BlueTalk has the unique feature of automatically creating an ad hoc network between users and services as they meet. This network enables users to easily communicate with other users and electronic services in the vicinity without any need for external infrastructure.

“We are convinced that BlueTalk will be a catalyst for applications based on Bluetooth. Today, most companies see Bluetooth as a cable replacement and as a link between a handheld device and a hotspot that is connected to a local network or the Internet. However, we foresee that most Bluetooth traffic will take place between handheld devices without any hotspot infrastructure within reach. This will require a new type of network support. We are excited to present BlueTalk, which enables a new Bluetooth application market,” says Christer Rindebratt, President and CEO of Pocit Labs.

Users of Bluetooth-enabled PDAs or smartphones with BlueTalk can meet and seamlessly create a wireless network without any external infrastructure. During communication, the services and nodes are automatically aggregated and presented as users join and drop out of the network-even in highly inconsistent network environments.

“Any network application will benefit from BlueTalk, and the reason is very simple,” says Anna Engholm, Vice President of Product Marketing. “Our network architecture vastly simplifies the task of building robust ‘service-aware’ wireless applications. Developers who use the BlueTalk software development kit can thus focus on application logic instead of managing network complexity.”

The BlueTalk software development kit (SDK) provides an application programming interface (API) that contains several functions, including authentication, access control, dynamic parameter storage and Bluetooth networking. The BlueTalk SDK also comes with sample code for various applications, thereby unleashing the power of BlueTalk. BlueTalk for PocketPC and EPOC will be available during the fall of 2001.