Whereify Wireless Breakthrough in Location-Based Services

Whereify Wireless Breakthrough in Location-Based Services


Wherify Wireless, Inc. (formerly World Tracking Technologies), a Redwood Shores, Calif.-developer of nationwide location-based technologies and services, has developed a technology breakthrough in its new wearable Personal Location System.

Scheduled to hit the market this summer, the Wherify Personal Location System embeds a pioneering, highly miniaturized location system within a light-weight wristwatch that will allow consumers to easily determine the location of their children, elderly parents or other at-risk loved ones via the Internet or telephone.

Unlike any other personal location-based service available today, the Wherify Personal Location System converges Global Positioning System (GPS)and digital PCS mobile phone technology resulting in a miniature 3.3-oz. safety device that delivers a fast, accurate, reliable and easy-to-use safety solution.

Wherify¹s end-to-end solution includes the wearable device itself and is backed by a 24×7 location service that can be accessed via the Internet or by telephone to locate a child or loved one within a few feet of their exact location. The location process will typically take less than a minute. In the event of an emergency, either the child or guardian can request an emergency 911 response and local police will be dispatched.

“With the Wherify Wireless Personal Location System, a concerned parent will no longer have to worry about whether or not their child made it to and from school, or even to a friend’s house, safely,” said Timothy Neher, Wherify Wireless founder and chairman. “Likewise, other at-risk individuals ­ including the estimated 4 million Americans who currently suffer from Alzheimer¹s ­ can lead more independent, empowered lives, and be protected from harm.”

Wherify¹s solution has been developed in partnership with numerous leading technology companies, including LSI Logic, SiRF, Cadence, Pentagram and others. The company chose LSI Logic¹s Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) baseband processor, known as the CBP 3.0, because of its low power consumption and integrated functionality within a small footprint.

“This is just the first in a line of location services and applications we will introduce based on our patented device and location system,” said Neher. “Having built the first comprehensive, end-to-end location system, Wherify fully intends to partner with industry leaders to deliver other innovative wireless products and services for m-commerce, asset tracking, pet care and law enforcement that bring greater security and real value to consumers and businesses.”