Nokia expands its TETRA handset family

Nokia expands its TETRA handset family


Nokia has unveiled a new TETRA phone, the Nokia THR850, reflecting the latest trends in mobile telephony design and usability, yet providing unrivalled facilities for fast and dynamic group communication and messaging.

TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) is the only open digital trunked radio standard defined by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to meet the needs of the most demanding professional mobile radio users and offers special features for authority use: efficient group calls, ability to prioritize calls and emergency calls.

Endowed with classic Nokia form factors, the Nokia THR850 is designed to meet an array of communication needs. It allows push-to-talk communication for instant group and individual calls, as well as full duplex calls. In addition, it supports status and short data messaging. The product is ideal for mobile field organizations requiring fast, dynamic and effortless communication, with strong emphasis on immediate call set-up and an extensive range of group features.

“At Nokia we understand that the main interest to users is not the technology in our phones. What is important to users is that they have easy access to services crucial in their daily work. In our phones, this means easy-to–follow, logical menu structures and fit-in-the-hand design. We recognize the value of ease of use coupled with superior network services, and believe that with the Nokia THR850, the professional user market will enter a new era,“ said Hannu Huttunen, Vice President, Special Products, Nokia Mobile Phones.

The advanced group communication features of the Nokia THR850 phone allow the efficient management of joint work between groups, including storage for 50 group numbers, group scanning for monitoring and accessing several groups, dynamic group number assignment, as well as group priorities for fast and flexible teamwork.

The feature set of Nokia THR850 is optimized for professional use, for enhanced management of work and time. The phone has a clock, a calendar, a calculator, as well as a task journal and a to-do list. The task journal can, for example, be used to keep track of working times and expenses. The to-do list allows the user to create a list of tasks to be completed, prioritize them according to their importance, and store the list in a calendar as a note. In addition, the phone comes with predictive text input, six profile settings and three games.

The Nokia THR850 is compatible with the most commonly used frequency bands for TETRA; 380 MHz, 410 MHz and 800 MHz bands. The accessory set for the Nokia THR850 includes an advanced vehicle installation kit with handsfree, chargers, as well as headset and carrying case. The phone will be available in three different colors. The phone will be presented to the public in March at CeBIT.