Nokia and Bertone-SKF present vision of the future at Geneva Motor Show

Nokia and Bertone-SKF present vision of the future at Geneva Motor Show


Nokia today unveiled a future in-car wireless communication scenario at the 71st Geneva Motor Show. The aim of Nokia’s contribution to the Bertone-SKF “Filo” concept car is to evoke ideas about how future telematics may link the car with the outside world. The Filo concept car was designed by Bertone, a leading automotive design house, and SKF, the automotive industry’s leading supplier of bearing and sealing solutions. The audio entertainment system in the vehicle was designed and developed by Bose Corporation, a leader in research and custom designed audio systems for vehicles.

“We believe that future mobile communication technology will be at the heart of telematics, offering drivers a solid system that significantly enhances the motoring experience. The car and the mobile device will exchange information from the moment the driver uses it to unlock the door. The car will adjust to the driver’s needs, customizing everything from seat adjustment to air conditioning,” said Hannu Suominen, Vice President, Nokia Smart Traffic Products. “Various technologies such as Bluetooth, WAP and location based technologies will increase the intelligence of the automobile, providing increased efficiency, safety and entertainment to passengers.”

“The home has become more like a machine, integrating the necessary technologies to improve the wellbeing of man. We think that it is time that the car should also become more like a home, integrating the typical sensations of a domestic environment: soft surfaces; warm, soft colors; natural materials; discreet lighting and controllable communications guaranteed by radio, video, and navigation systems; sensations of relaxation and harmony. And above all the home and the car should unite in an integrated system with identical interfaces,” said Roberto Piatti, Managing Director, Stile Bertone.

The telematics system in future cars will continuously generate, process, transmit and receive information from the vehicle’s operating system and the surrounding environment, providing the driver with routing assistance, real-time traffic alerts and remote vehicle diagnostics, not to mention information on weather, news and passing sights. As telematics gain in popularity and usage becomes more common, it will be possible to pay for car parking tickets, petrol, or highway fees via the car’s telematic system. Internet access will be connected to a tailored personal profile accessible via the vehicle and wireless device, making the loading of e-mail or personal banking information, for example, convenient and safe. Furthermore, drivers might be able to prompt the telematics service provider to send special promotions on restaurants, movies, or other topics that interest them.

The Nokia Smart Traffic Products Unit is a major player in the market for wireless in-car communication, information and entertainment solutions. It develops in-car wireless communication and infotainment platforms, combining innovative cellular-, Internet-, connectivity- and location technologies.