Panasonic Announces World’s First Mobile Phone with SD Memory Card Capability

Panasonic Announces World’s First Mobile Phone with SD Memory Card Capability


Kyushu Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. (KME), a principal subsidiary of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (NYSE: MC), best known for its Panasonic-brand electronics and communications products, today announced the industry’s first mobile phones capable of using SD Memory Cards. The new models, the Panasonic KX-HS100 (straight type) and KX-HF300 (flip type), are designed specifically for the DDI Pocket mobile phone service in Japan and will be available from December 15, 2000, and February 2001, respectively.

Attracted by such features as high-speed 64kbps data transmissions and advanced ease-of-use, mobile phones offered by DDI Pocket have proved extremely popular among businesspeople, namely young trendsetters in their 20s and 30s. The DDI Pocket service, with 1.5 million subscribers as of September 2000, also enables easy access to its contracted Web sites and the ability to exchange e-mail with other DDI Pocket users. Offering fun as well as function, the new phones are also designed to connect with two multimedia services from Matsushita aimed at younger users, “Yume Kara” (to download karaoke tunes) and “[email protected]” (to send cartoon characters for a receiver’s display).

In response to increasing demand for mobile phones that can handle ever-larger amounts of data, Kyushu Matsushita Electric has launched the industry’s first mobile phone with SD Memory Card capability. An SD Memory Card* inserted into either of the new phones will enable up to 4 hours of voice recording, or storage for up to 4,000 e-mail messages, 900 images, 100 different melodies, and more. In addition to these new phones, the Matsushita Group has planned a variety of other products that will also be able to use SD Memory Cards.

The KX-HS100 mobile phone is equipped with a reflective 256-color LCD with front lighting, offering clearer, easier-to-read image displays of any content in a variety of lighting conditions — from darkness to bright daylight. Personal melodies can be created with lifelike sound quality from 100 different tones and 12 different chords using the built-in LSI-based PCM sound synthesizer. Additionally, by connecting the phone together with an optional compact digital camera unit, text messages with attached images can be easily sent or received via the phone.

*When using 64MB SD Memory Card. Also available in 32MB and 16MB sizes. SD Memory Cards must be purchased separately.

SD Memory Cards The SD (Secure Digital) Memory Card was jointly developed by Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., SanDisk Corporation, and Toshiba Corporation. This portable, postage stamp-sized flash memory card features built-in copy protection, an essential feature for the emerging digital age. Supported by many electronics and communications manufacturers, the SD memory card enables images, music, and data to quickly and easily be exchanged among SD-compatible devices.