HP OmniBook 500 with Intel’s Low Power PIII 700Mhz CPU

HP OmniBook 500 with Intel’s Low Power PIII 700Mhz CPU


Hewlett Packard, building on its reputation of providing reliable ultra-portable computing with no compromises, infused the Omnibook 500 notebook PC line with the new Intel PIII 700 MHz low-voltage processor. This is the fastest processor available from Intel in their low-voltage line designed to provide ultra-portables with long battery life. Already a superb ombination of mobility and productivity, the HP Omnibook 500 will enhance its performance even further with the PIII 700 MHz processor addition. The Omnibook 500 is available with a full range of accessories, including its extremely versatile multimedia expansion base, and wireless devices confirming HP’s commitment to reliable mobility.

In common with other notebooks in the Omnibook product line, HP’s Omnibook 500 ships with HP’s Toptools management software and features a variety of optional accessories including CD-RW, DVD-ROM drive, and HP’s Mobile ProtectTools Smart Card security.

The Omnibook 500 series is available at a weight of less than 3.5 lbs. (depending on configuration) and measures one-inch thin. It features a 12.1-inch XGA-TFT display; up to 20 GB hard drive; patent-pending presentation-ready key; HP Information Center hot key; and integrated LAN and modem communications.