DDI Pocket to Begin Music Distribution Service for Sanyo’s PHS Phone

DDI Pocket to Begin Music Distribution Service for Sanyo’s PHS Phone


DDI Pocket Inc. said it will start a content distribution service called “Sound Market” for “feel Edge (feel H”)” PHS phones.

Sound Market will distribute audio content such as music and comic story telling (rakugo) in the MP3 compression format.

In step with the launch of this service, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. plans to launch a feel H” “RZ-J91 Leje” PHS phone compatible with the Sound Market content-distribution program.

The content available through Sound Market will cover several categories of music; entertainment, such as comic story telling or backchat (rakugo or manzai); education, including English conversion lessons; linguistic information (such as that on dialects); talks, including lectures and interviews; and sounds of nature such as roaring waves and singing insects.

DDI Pocket’s service is planned to offer some 1,500 types of content on the day of its start. Also, it will offer a 45-second demo of the content and allow forwarding of the content to another user. The service will provide a search engine for CD shops in the neighborhoods of users and a mail-order service for CDs.

The unit fee of contents will be between $2 USD to $5 USD.

In addition to such content fees, the service requires a basic communication fee of 13 yen a minute. The download time of three-minute music data, for example, in a sound quality similar to CDs is estimated to take seven or eight minutes.

For recording downloaded data, feel H” PHS phones employ “Secure MMC,” a secure MultiMediaCard supporting Universal Distribution with Access Control-Media Base (UDAC-MB) technology for copyright protection.

The system for music distribution is the “Keitai de Music ,” the contents distribution system for UDAC-MB-compatible mobile information devices co-developed by Sanyo, Hitachi Ltd. and Fujitsu Ltd. These two systems prevent false copying of downloaded data.

Sanyo’s RZ-J91 (photo) adds the capability of playing content downloaded from Sound Market to the “RZ-J90″ model, the first feel H” PHS phone scheduled for launch, on Nov. 8. It has a slot for Secure MMC and enables recording data for about 30 minutes on the attached card with 32MB of memory (inserted into a slot). The phone has an e-mail alert, and can send e-mails and browse Web sites while playing music. It has all other facilities of the RZ-J90, including a compact digital camera. When folded, the phone measures 94mm high by 49mm wide by 32mm thick, and it weighs about 105g.

The RZ-J91 model operates for about six hours in a communication mode, and for about 500 hours in a continuous standby mode. Its battery requires about six hours for charging.

Sanyo plans to produce 10,000 units a month, initially.