Nokia RoofTop™ Router In North America

Nokia RoofTop™ Router In North America


Nokia today announced that it has successfully completed its first commercial trials with its new Nokia RoofTop™ Wireless Routing wireless broadband network solution. Nokia will begin delivering the Nokia R240, an all-in-one outdoor router, and the Nokia RoofTop™ Router Management System (RMS), a solution that simplifies the installation and monitoring of the wireless network, to North American carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the second quarter of 2001.

Nokia’s wireless routing technology will allow service providers to deploy affordable infrastructure to residential and small office/home office (SOHO) markets so consumers in areas that do not have access to high-speed Internet access can receive a high-speed, always-on Internet connection. The Nokia RoofTop solution simplifies line-of-sight difficulties inherent in residential neighborhoods by routing around obstacles such as buildings and trees. Combining 802.11 RF components with specialized wireless software, the Nokia AIR Operating System, Nokia RoofTop Wireless Routing is the first wireless broadband solution that is both affordable and viable for the price-sensitive residential broadband market.

Advanced TelCom Group Inc. (ATG), an Integrated Communications Provider (ICP) headquartered in Santa Rosa, Calif., has been in trials with the Nokia RoofTop solution for the past five months. ATG provides local telephone, Internet and data services, as well as domestic and international long distance to small and medium sized customers, telecommuters, and home based businesses in underserved mid-sized markets across the United States.

“Nokia’s RoofTop Wireless Routing solution has allowed ATG to reach residential broadband Internet customers we would not have been able to reach with a copper wired solution,” said Scott Mindemann, vice president of wireless technologies for ATG. “The mesh network was quick and cost-effective to deploy and ATG has been impressed with its performance and our customer satisfaction in the trial.”, a regional ISP based in Mountain View, Calif., has also completed a successful Nokia RoofTop trial that now serves a mix of both small businesses and residential customers in the Silicon Valley.

“Nokia’s leadership in wireless technology has helped us to develop this unique wireless routing mesh network technology that finally makes wireless broadband viable for mass markets,” said Ari Leppä, general manager of Nokia Wireless Routing. “Our wireless broadband solutions will enable service providers to quickly build their networks according to the growing demand for high-speed Internet connectivity, accelerating time to market and capturing additional marketshare.”

Nokia pioneered its unique mesh-designed network, built with Nokia RoofTop™ Wireless Routers, to model the wired structure of the Internet. As these wireless routers only require line–of-sight to another router in the network, instead of a direct connection all the way to a base station, the networks can be rapidly deployed in diverse geographical locations and are more robust and far-reaching than existing broadband network solutions.

Nokia RoofTop Wireless Routers operate in the license-free 2.4 GHz ISM spectrum band, eliminating spectrum license costs, incumbent line fees and tariffs, enabling providers to own, manage and control their networks to capture 100 percent of the revenue stream. Providers can deploy the new wireless mesh networks quickly, with minimal upfront investment in engineering and equipment. Each node is part of the infrastructure and acts as both an IP router in the network and a local modem. Thus, the network is built as new subscribers are added, minimizing up front investment and market risk.
The Nokia R240 wireless router is also a home gateway, supporting home networking via standard telephone wires or Ethernet. It enables multiple devices to share the access link without having to run new in-home wiring, and provides simple security by masking private addresses. The Nokia Air Operating Systems’ wireless intelligence controls the built in RF amplifier make scaling the network simple and automatic.

The Nokia RoofTop Router Management System enables service providers to quickly and easily configure, monitor and maintain the Nokia RoofTop network. The RMS software is designed to allow service providers to check network operations at a glance with a dynamic Graphical User Interface, which provides a visual display of the network topology. Routers can be configured locally or remotely, either from a laptop in the field or from the network operations center.

The new Nokia RoofTop Wireless Routers and Nokia CityHopper(TM) Broadband Wireless Access products complement and further strengthen Nokia’s existing broadband DSL and home networking solutions. Nokia offers providers a suite of broadband solutions that will enable them to reach a broader customer base more quickly.