Sharp’s J-Phone with Full Color TFT

Sharp’s J-Phone with Full Color TFT


The new cellular phone “J-SH05” has a TFT liquid crystal panel, which can be folded into the size of a palm. This model will not have a camera that was incorporated in the previous model “J-SH04.” J-Phone group companies will start releasing J-SH05 in December. The screen is 2-inch in size and is able to show texts up to 10 words x 12 lines. Sharp Corp., the manufacturer of J-SH05, has made the panel of J-SH05 semi transparent that is capable of displaying 65,536 colors.

According to J-Phone, the characteristic of this new model lies not only in its abundant colors, but also in its capacity to quickly respond — drastically quicker than former models — to commands such as to switch screens. However, J-Phone did not specify its responding speed.

J-SH04 is another type of cellular phone that is manufactured by Sharp Corp.

This model incorporates a small camera (CMOS imager), which was just released in October. According to J-Phone, the company accelerated the time of the release of J-SH05 due to its sales strategy. J-Phone believes that its advanced technologies in developing terminals are superior to those of NTT DoCoMo. Although J-Phone did not announce any information on the price of J-SH05, it seems that its price will be lower than that of “Digital Mova N502it,” (manufactured by NEC) which is currently J-Phone’s best selling phone.

Since J-Phone foresees that the number of J-SH05 it can supply to the market will be somewhat limited, it is planning to release another model that is equipped with a STN liquid crystal panel.