Novusair Launches Mailwave – Free Wireless Email For Businesses

Novusair Launches Mailwave – Free Wireless Email For Businesses


Novusair, Inc. launched Mailwave, a free online service for businesses that adds device-independent wireless capabilities to their existing email servers. Mobile messaging is a crucial capability for organizations seeking to improve their responsiveness and agility. With fast online implementation, companies can easily give their mobile workforce the ability to stay connected at all times to their office, customers, partners and suppliers from their favorite wireless devices. Mailwave is available now at

Mailwave lets mobile users manage their inbox while on the go using devices such as cell phones or wireless Palms. Supported email operations include compose, read, reply, reply- all, forward and delete. When replying to messages users may select from their personal list of predefined responses or compose a new message. Users may also receive alerts on their cell phones when new mail arrives in their inbox. The ability to filter out unimportant email is included to prevent unwanted alerts.

“We believe mobile messaging is such a basic service that we provide it free” said Mike Beaty, President and CEO of Novusair. “It’s a myth that wireless email solutions must be proprietary, expensive and require custom integration.”

The service includes a portal for centralized account, email server and user management as well as portals for each mobile user. By providing user self-service portals for device and security management, ongoing IT involvement is minimized or eliminated. Security features include the capability of disabling lost or stolen devices and resetting devices that have been disabled after 3 invalid login attempts in a row. These business centric features along with remote hosting provide a very low ongoing cost-of-ownership.

“As a free service that requires little or no IT involvement, Mailwave allows companies to leverage their existing investments in email hardware and mobile devices. This is an extremely powerful zero-risk, mobile messaging platform for companies of all sizes,” said Terry Schurter, Novusair’s Executive VP/COO.

In order to provide customers the best quality of service, Novusair teamed with Inflow, leader in Internet Data Centers (IDC), to host the Mailwave service. Inflow was selected for its in-depth expertise in the deployment and monitoring of mission-critical Internet applications. Mailwave benefits from Inflow’s highly redundant Internet backbone, rapid bandwidth scalability, and security expertise as well as around-the-clock monitoring and technical service. Mailwave is hosted at Inflow’s Dallas, TX IDC facility.