Trimol Group Consummates Exclusive World-Wide License of Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell Technology

Trimol Group Consummates Exclusive World-Wide License of Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell Technology


Trimol Group, Inc. (OTC-BB: TMOL – news; the “Company”) announced today that it has consummated a Technology Acquisition Agreement (the “Agreement”) for proprietary aluminum-air fuel cell technology with Aluminum-Power, Inc., a privately held fuel cell development company headquartered in Toronto, Canada.

The Agreement provides the Company ( with the world-wide rights to a fuel cell technology developed by Aluminum-Power ( for use in portable consumer electronics, such as cellular telephones, laptop computers, hand-held devices and other electronic products.

It is believed by many that the fuel cell is the next evolution of power generation. “The Company believes that Aluminum-Power’s aluminum-air fuel cell places it on the cutting edge of this extraordinary transition in power delivery systems,” advises Alexander M. Gordin, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Company has developed a number of battery product prototypes which are powered by Aluminum-Power’s fuel cell. The first product the Company anticipates bringing to market is a cellular telephone battery, to be followed by a computer laptop battery. “Aluminum-Power’s fuel cell puts the Company in a position to become a leader in powering the wireless revolution,” stated Mr. Gordin.

Tests on the Company’s cellular telephone battery prototype have shown that its aluminum-air fuel cell powered battery provides more talk time than any other battery on the market today. Rafael Ferry, the Company’s Vice President of Marketing, advises “the Company is continuing its extensive technology development program in cooperation with Aluminum-Power with a target goal of up to 24 hours talk time and a heretofore unknown stand-by time of up to 30 days. These anticipated results are head-and-shoulders above any cellular telephone battery technology currently available.

“The Company anticipates full capacity production of its aluminum-air fuel cell powered cellular telephone battery by Spring of 2002,” reports Mr. Ferry.