PocketThis Wireless Information Storage

PocketThis Wireless Information Storage


Anybody who can land $10 million in this environment deserves a second look. PocketThis yesterday introduced an intriguing new way to provide Web content to wireless users. This may or may not be a good thing, considering the market is already muddied with 10 applications promising to do this in a “different” way.

The company gives users a virtual “Pocket” in which to store and quickly act on information that they choose from the Internet or desktop. The services allows phones and wireless-enabled personal digital assistants (PDAs) and enables them to act on that information with one-touch options.

“PocketThis is about people, not devices. Instead of merely reformatting existing Web- or desktop-based technologies for use on wireless phones or PDAs, we have created a new technology from the ground up that enables users to capture, access and act on specific information that they choose,” said Nancy Benovich Gilby, president, CEO and co-founder of PocketThis.