Macromedia Unveils Macromedia Flash Player for Microsoft Windows-Powered Pocket PC

Macromedia Unveils Macromedia Flash Player for Microsoft Windows-Powered Pocket PC


Macromedia, Inc. (Nasdaq: MACR – news) today announced the delivery of the Macromedia® Flash(TM) Player for the Microsoft Windows-powered Pocket PC platform. This announcement is part of Macromedia’s continuing strategy to take the Macromedia Flash Player beyond the desktop, allowing distinctive Web applications, user interfaces, educational and entertainment content to be experienced on the next generation of the wireless Web.

Macromedia Flash content can already be experienced on a variety of Internet-enabled devices such as AOL TV, 3Com Audrey, Microsoft WebTV, MSN Web Companion, and the Sony eVilla. With more than 96 percent of desktop users immediately able to view Macromedia Flash content, the Macromedia Flash Player is the most distributed software in the history of the Web.

Today’s developer release of the Macromedia Flash Player for the Pocket PC Platform will enable developers to tune their content for these devices in advance of the full-featured version of the player, due later this year.

“Devices are emerging as a major force in the next generation of the Web, and Macromedia Flash is crucial for delivering a great user experience on everything from Pocket PC devices to Internet appliances,” said Kevin Lynch, president of Macromedia products. “Support for the Pocket PC platform ensures the continued ubiquity of the Macromedia Flash standard and brings new opportunities for developers to expand their business into this new platform.”

Macromedia Flash Player, the standard for viewing high-impact, rich media over all bandwidths, enables the delivery of a broad range of content including entertainment, learning, and business applications to the Microsoft Pocket PC platform, which includes the Compaq iPaq, Casio Cassiopeia, and Hewlett-Packard Jornada devices. Because of the inherent 16-bit color, built-in audio capabilities and up to 206 MHz processing power, devices running the Pocket PC platform provide users with the best Macromedia Flash experience available today on a PDA.