GN 9000-Bluetooth headset

GN 9000-Bluetooth headset


Bluetooth is the next step in wireless technology. GN Netcom introduces the world’s first professional-quality Bluetooth headset. Very soon, all kinds of electronic devices will speak Bluetooth. Desktop phones, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, even your car and home electronics.

To get the Bluetooth edge with a non-Bluetooth phone, choose the GN9010-BT. The GN9010-BT package includes the Bluetooth headset and a base station (which conveniently doubles as the battery charger) that you simply connect to your desktop phone. That’s all it takes for you to take the next step in wireless.

With a GN 9000-Bluetooth headset (GN9015-BT), you’ll be able to create your own personal Bluetooth network.

Effortlessly, and seamlessly. As soon as the headset comes within 30 feet (10 meters) of another Bluetooth product, the connection is automatically established. Perfect for regular phone calls, internet telephony, speech recognition, command and control, just about any existing or emerging technology that involves spoken communication.