MediaQ Graphics Controller Enhances Display Quality In New Handheld Appliance from NTT...

MediaQ Graphics Controller Enhances Display Quality In New Handheld Appliance from NTT DoCoMo


MediaQ, Inc., the emerging leader in integrated circuit solutions for Internet-enabled information appliances, today announced that its MQ-200 LCD/CRT 2D graphics controller is a critical component in the new Sigmarion Handheld PC announced by NTT DoCoMo, (NTDMY) Japan’s leading mobile communications operator.

The Sigmarion breaks new ground in graphics performance for handheld appliances with a 6.2-inch STN LCD display, offering 640x 240-pixel resolution, and 65,000 colors. The enhanced display makes it easy for users to read and create text messages, to view files with a high-degree of graphic content, and to use applications that depend on graphical user interfaces.

At the heart of the Sigmarion’s graphics subsystem is MediaQ’s MQ-200 graphics controller, a 2D accelerated graphics and display system that integrates embedded DRAM, complex logic, and analog circuits onto a single chip to meet unique performance, power management, and small form-factor requirements. Combining 128-bit graphics performance and low power consumption, the MQ-200 is designed for consumer electronic devices such as handheld PCs, Internet appliances, and PC companion devices.

“We are very pleased that the MQ-200 graphics controller has received this key design win from NTT DoCoMo,” said Sunder Velamuri, vice president of marketing for MediaQ. “NTT DoCoMo has created a handheld system with enhanced display quality, making it an ideal complement to cell phones. The Sigmarion will play an integral role in computing and wireless communications in Japan, allowing users to benefit from the convergence of mobile computing and wireless applications and services.”