Stowaway Portable Keyboard Selected in Museum of Modern Art’s Workspheres Exhibition

Stowaway Portable Keyboard Selected in Museum of Modern Art’s Workspheres Exhibition


Think Outside Inc.’s award-winning Stowaway™ Portable Keyboard has been selected as a featured item in the Museum of Modern Art’s (MoMA’s) Workspheres exhibition, Feb. 8 through April 22, 2001, the company announced today. The keyboard — which magically unfolds from about the size of a personal digital assistant (PDA) to a 100% full-size keyboard — provides comfortable touch-typing functionality for Palm, Handspring Visor and Pocket PC handheld devices. Since the Stowaway keyboard was introduced in February last year, more than one million units have been shipped.

The innovative yet highly functional folding keyboard was chosen for the Workspheres exhibition because it represents what MoMA describes as “the changing nature of the workplace and the role of design in creating effective solutions to accommodate these changes.” The Stowaway Portable Keyboard, the first 100-percent full-size, collapsible keyboard for handheld devices, has changed the way people use their PDAs. The no-compromise keyboard combines all the advantages of portability plus the tactile feel of the best-quality notebook computer keyboards, delivering exactly what people need for touch-typing on their PDAs.

“The Stowaway Portable Keyboards never fail to draw a crowd. That’s the ‘wow’ factor that has already won the Stowaway numerous design awards, and has contributed to its tremendous success,” said Eydie Galper, vice president of marketing for Think Outside.

“Thanks to the Stowaway keyboard, users can do much more with their handheld devices. Some customers have even replaced their notebook computers with their PDA and keyboard,” Galper said. “MoMA’s choice of the Stowaway keyboard in its prestigious Workspheres exhibition further validates the level of innovation and elegance embodied in our keyboard.”

The Stowaway Portable Keyboard joins other groundbreaking products – ranging from computers and office furniture to novel tools that have become office mainstays – in a free-standing display as part of the Workspheres exhibition. In addition, six international design teams have prepared newly conceived work environments and tools meant to redefine the office and better understand contemporary work practices and needs.

The Stowaway Portable Keyboard was invented by Bob Olodort, co-founder of Think Outside and an award-winning inventor also known for his creation of the Seiko Smart Label Printer. The Stowaway keyboard exemplifies Think Outside’s philosophy of product invention, which is to design affordable mobile computing products that meet real consumer needs in the most elegant and aesthetically satisfying way possible. “The intersection of design and functionality in the workplace being showcased at MoMA’s Workspheres exhibit should inspire interesting future solutions” says Olodort. “The inclusion of the Stowaway keyboard in this exhibition is a testament to how well it embodies this marriage of design and functionality.”