BodyCom Technologies to Premier the Ultimate Communicator at the 3GSM World Congress...

BodyCom Technologies to Premier the Ultimate Communicator at the 3GSM World Congress Exhibition


BodyCom(TM) Technologies, Inc., today announced that it will preview its Forum(TM) communicator at the annual 3GSM World Congress Exhibition on February 20-23, 2001 in Cannes, France. BodyCom will preview its revolutionary device at its booth, located in Hall 2, Stand A69. The Forum will literally put the Internet In Your Hand(TM).

The patent-pending technologies of the Forum line of communicators combine the very best features of wireless mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). The Forum enables revolutionary and secure m-commerce, and multi-media functionality. Through the use of miniaturized and robust technologies, the Forum is a truly pocket-sized Smart Mobile Device (SMD), with fully integrated GSM, GPRS and Bluetooth capabilities. In addition there is a highly sophisticated module expansion architecture, known as the “Backpack(TM).”

The underlying broadband GPRS and Bluetooth wireless technologies give users access to a multitude of new-age services, such as streaming video, video conferencing, and the ability to download and play MP3 music; all over a single device.

Its sophisticated USB expansion modules (“Backpack(TM)”) will allow BodyCom and third parties to provide any additional functionality to the basic communicator, including a Fingerprint Sensor; Campack; Compact Flash Type II, GPS, 802.11, and numerous other features.

Through its optional, fully integrated smart card reader, the Forum will offer radical new applications such as highly secure mobile on-line financial transactions, on-line banking and cutting edge point-of-sale electronic purchases, in conjunction with the Bluetooth short-range RF.