Konica E-Mini-M Multi-Function Digital Camera

Konica E-Mini-M Multi-Function Digital Camera


If you’ve been waiting to buy your first digital camera, Konica’s E-Mini-M could be just the ticket.

That’s because this model is not only cool, it’s affordable – under $200. Granted, it does not take the highest quality digital photos on the planet, but with a resolution of 640 by 480, it is ideal for capturing images for e-mailing photos to friends and family members and viewing on a computer screen.

While its design appeals to the younger set, the E-Mini-M’s features could appeal to anyone seeking an affordable method of entering the world of digital photography. Its built-in 2MB memory allows you to take 15 pictures in its “fine” mode and up to 31 images in the “normal” quality setting. Even better, it includes a Compact Flash card slot that allows you to easily add additional memory for more photo storage as well as giving you a simple method of transferring images from the camera to a computer. (Cables and software are included with the unit for connection to a computer).

But what truly separates this model from the pack is that it is much more than just an entry-level digital camera. Hidden inside its purple and silver exterior is an MP3 player. Using the Compact Flash Card slot you can take music files from your computer and play them back on your camera. Yes, you can download songs directly to the camera’s internal memory, but since it’s only 2MB, you would be lucky to get one or two songs at a decent quality level. That’s why the Compact Flash Card slot is so important to this camera.

The E-Mini-M can also be used as a monitor-mounted computer cam for sending video chat photos online and it includes an audio recorder that allows you to add short verbal phrases to each digital photo. This is great for saying the date, place and occasion. These audio clips can be heard by others when received via e-mail.