RoadWriter makes your Palm into a Mobile Office

RoadWriter makes your Palm into a Mobile Office


Revolve Design, a leader in mobile computing solutions, announced today the launch of RoadWriter, the first product that allows users to turn their Palm handheld quickly and easily into a low cost mobile office / communications solution. RoadWriter utilizes an integrated Touch -Type Keyboard, for fast data entry and access, as well as a dual DB9 Serial pass-through ports at its base for use with external peripherals, such as GPS Receivers for Navigation or Modems for two-way Wireless Communications.

For those who may be concerned with battery drain, the RoadWriter is available with an optional Palm handheld Rechargeable Battery / Charger system. With RoadWriter, Palm handheld users now have a very cost-effective alternative to bulky, expensive laptops or dedicated terminals while on the road.
“Handheld computers are fast becoming the central source for nearly all the vital information workers use throughout the day. With so many workers and mobile professionals spending large amounts of time in vehicles, the need for having vital information at one’s fingertips is essential. RoadWriter gives the mobile user a secure place to mount their handheld, a keyboard for easy data entry/access and enhanced tools for two-way wireless communications.” says Michael Shawver, president of Revolve Design.

With RoadWriter, users can enjoy close proximity and secure placement of the Palm organizer in a vehicle, while relying on continuous usage when used in conjunction with a GPS receiver and mapping or with a modem for two-way wireless communication. RoadWriter can be easily installed into the vehicle with a Quick Release, easy latch pedestal, with no need for drilling or permanent placement. The Palm handheld can also quickly be installed and removed from RoadWriter with the touch of a button.

RoadWriter is compatible with PalmIII, PalmIIIc, PalmVII, Symbol SPT1500 and TRG Pro. RoadWriter for the Handspring Visor and PalmV will be available in the upcoming months.