Lucent Technologies announces new “InPhase Technologies” venture to develop and market fast,...

Lucent Technologies announces new “InPhase Technologies” venture to develop and market fast, high-capacity holographic storage


Lucent Technologies today announced a new venture, called InPhase Technologies, that is developing high-performance holographic data storage media and systems with the potential to dramatically speed the evolution of the fast-moving entertainment, consumer products and information technology industries.

Using technology in recording media and systems developed at Bell Laboratories, the research and development arm of Lucent, InPhase Technologies will design holographic systems that combine high storage density with high-speed access and fast parallel transfer rates. The venture’s holographic products could vastly improve the performance of video, Internet, data warehousing and games applications, which demand ever-increasing performance of storage systems.

“InPhase Technologies is aimed at satisfying the world’s insatiable need for more storage, delivered with ever-higher speed and convenience, ” said Nelson Diaz, president and chief executive officer of InPhase. “For Internet applications alone, industry estimates are that storage needs are doubling every 100 days. We believe that the exceptional benefits of InPhase’s technology will be welcome in many business and consumer markets.” Before joining InPhase, Diaz had been vice president and general manager for the StorageTek Corp., a multibillion dollar storage technology company.

Unlike other methods that record data only on the surface of a disk, holographic data storage allows recording through the entire thickness of the material, which allows for a huge increase in storage density. In addition, much higher transfer rates are achievable because the data is stored and recalled in “page format,” which can be accessed one million bits at a time.

“With InPhase Technologies, we have combined the right people, technology and financial backing to help commercialize holographic storage, and transform many markets that need its increased performance in storage technology,” said Tom Uhlman, president of Lucent’s New Ventures Group.

InPhase Technologies has received investments from the venture capital companies Signal Lake, Madison Dearborn Partners and Newton Technology Partners. Imation Corporation is a corporate investor.

“Signal Lake invests in companies in the photonics area that have defensible, leading-edge technologies that solve compelling problems,” said Bart Stuck, managing director of Signal Lake, the lead investor. “Signal Lake believes InPhase meets all of these criteria: world class people and technologies, and huge and compelling emerging markets for removable storage media.”

“Imation believes that holography is a revolutionary storage technology that can provide dramatic advances in both capacity and speed which are not possible with magnetic or conventional optical technologies,” said Steve Ladwig, president, Imation Data Storage and Information Management. “Our investment with InPhase is another example of Imation’s continuing support of technologies that show strong growth potential and the opportunity to transform the performance capabilities of storage.”

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