New Palm V 9-Volt Pocket Charger from iBIZ

New Palm V 9-Volt Pocket Charger from iBIZ


iBIZ Technology Corp., a leading manufacturer of personal digital assistant (PDA) and handheld computer accessories and a provider of Web-enabling solutions, including Web hosting and data center/co-location services, computer networking, and infrastructure cabling services, today announced the release of their newest PDA accessory, the iBIZ 9-Volt Pocket Charger, designed for the Palm V series of handheld computing devices.

The innovative, new pocket charger allows the user to connect a standard 9-volt battery directly to a Palm V to rapidly power, or charge, the PDA device. The charger/adapter’s lightweight and small size are attractive features for handheld users, whether in the office or traveling. Attached to a 9-volt battery, iBIZ’s new product offers a compact, easy-to-use-anywhere power source, an important convenience, compared to the relatively bulky and heavier A/C charger.

Ken Schilling, president and chief executive officer of iBIZ, commented: “iBIZ is committed to producing high-quality, functional accessories for the mobile professional. This new product for the Palm V is another example of our company’s ability to deliver innovative technology and value-added convenience for handheld users.

“From a sales standpoint, we feel the PDA accessories market will continue to offer attractive growth potential, as it is directly tied to the dramatic growth we are seeing in the PDA market,” remarked Schilling.

The new charger will soon be available at all CompUSA computer superstores. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is $14.99.