Flashplug Palm Backup Anywhere

Flashplug Palm Backup Anywhere


FlashPlug simply is plugged onto the handheld, offering additional 8 MegaBytes of nonvolatile secondary storage. FlashPlug can be utilized similar to a floppy disk, a filemanager application that comes with FlashPlug is used to copy files between the handheld and FlashPlug.

FlashPlug simply fits on the port of the handheld.
No screwdrivers needed and avoiding heavyweight add-ons that would void the portability of a shirt-pocket sized computer. Less than 10 g in weight, FlashPlug offers 8 MegaBytes flash memory and doesn’t need extra batteries.

Backup your data anytime, anywhere, on demand. On a business trip, when away from the office or when collecting data, e.g. on an exhibition: wouldn’t it be useful to backup the data right where it’s produced, immediately.

Carry eBooks / eTexts in DOC or other formats. Digital maps on demand. Good to be able to carry a complete set of reference texts, manuals and several vector graphics for a GPS system along with the accompanying application securely in FlashPlug. Now you can have it all with you.