Scribor’s Wireless Monitor Interface

Scribor’s Wireless Monitor Interface


Book your next vacation on the Internet while you relax on the patio with your spouse or friend. Put the finishing touches to your presentation for tomorrow’s meeting while watching the “Tonight Show” together with your family in the comfort of your living room. Hard to imagine? Not any more.

The new SCRIBOR (pronounced “Scrybor”) makes it possible – and sets new standards in the world of information. The flat high-tech writing pad can access all information on your Windows-based computer. Even when your PC is up to 300 meters (1,000 feet) away. Walls? No obstacle for the SCRIBOR. Cables? Unnecessary – data is transferred via radio frequencies. The SCRIBOR is about as big as a piece of A4-size paper, about as heavy as a road atlas, astoundingly perfect in design. It is also slimmer and more manageable than a notebook could ever be. In addition, the SCRIBOR operates silently and emits hardly any heat.

“The SCRIBOR really is fun to work with and adapts flexibly to my lifestyle. I can bring myself up to date whenever and wherever I want,” says Matthias L. Colsman, inventor and founder of Scribor AG. “It’s an innovation that for once gives Germany the edge over the competition [rest deleted]. There’s no end to the situations in which the SCRIBOR can be used to advantage. Quick info from the company’s Intranet during a conference. An Internet chat while relaxing in your hammock. Financial planning on the couch or making final notes in bed just before falling asleep. As in real life, there are no limits to your imagination.

With the SCRIBOR’s touchscreen you can access all your PC’s Windows applications. You can read, edit and create texts and tables from your computer or even make handwritten notes: at the push of button you can switch to the virtual notepad and simply use the stylus supplied as you would a pen. All file changes made on the SCRIBOR are implemented instantaneously by the computer. Secure transfer of all data is guaranteed. You prefer working in a relaxing dimmed lighting environment? No problem, the background illumination of the touchscreen has a continuous dimmer setting. It turns off automatically when you take a longer break.

Once you’ve become familiar with the SCRIBOR you’ll not want to be without it. The manufacturer has already taken that into account. It will run for up to nine hours without an external power supply. In comparison, notebooks have a maximum battery operation of only two to three hours.

The SCRIBOR will be available in stores in January for DM 3,499 (US-$ 1,750). It can also be ordered at By the way: the price includes an attractive aluminum holder, just in case you can separate yourself from this designer piece.