Police Armed with Wireless PocketCop

Police Armed with Wireless PocketCop


Public Safety Group’s PocketCop allows users limited access to State and Federal databases over the wireless network using Portable Wireless Handheld technology.

With the use of the a portable wireless handheld device, and PSG’s PocketCop application software, an authorized user can access Vehicle License Registration, Drivers License Information, Stolen Vehicle Information, Wants/Warrants Information and miscellaneous information such as Articles, Boats, Guns, etc. from virtually any location served by the coverage area of the wireless network. Electronic Messaging and Peer-to-Peer Communication is also available. Various encryption methods are implemented and required to provide secured transactions between the handheld device and the local agencies server.

Wireless networks currently being supported by PSG’s PocketCop application are the 3Com Palm.Net wireless network which provides wireless service in 260 of the most populated areas in the U.S. CDPD wireless networks currently being supported are the AT&T Wireless network.