Qualcomm introduces new technology for mobile phones

Qualcomm introduces new technology for mobile phones


U.S. wireless technology company Qualcomm Inc. today introduced new technology allowing developers to create standard software for use on a wide range of mobile phone brands.

Mobile phone users will in turn be able to download and customise software content and features through their wireless provider’s network, regardless of their wireless carrier.

The technology, called binary runtime environment for wireless (BREW), will use Qualcomm’s code division multiple access (CDMA) technology. CDMA allows for access to various types of mobile phones.

“Until the BREW platform, no widespread, uniform and powerful platform existed for wireless devices,” Dr. Paul Jacobs, the company’s executive vice president, said in a statement.

“The BREW platform allows third-party software developers to create these new applications for the growing wireless market,” he said.

The company said Verizon Wireless, Leap Group, Korea Telecom Freetel and other domestic and international wireless and software companies have agreed to work on the project.