Thumbscript, Palm Writing Software

Thumbscript, Palm Writing Software


Thumbscript is a patented universal text entry system for mobile people and devices. Equally at home with Pen based devices like the Palm Pilot and keypad devices like your telephone or TV controller, Thumbscript offers users a single system that is simple, inexpensive to implement and easy to use because it is visual.

Some characteristics of Thumbscript

Simple, intuitive, visual and “fun”.
Includes all characters and functions on the standard keyboard.
Complete key to Thumbscipt fits on a credit card.
Faster than competing systems for both keypads and pen-based devices.
Positive text entry; no errors due to computer guessing algorithms.
Your mind can focus on the message rather than the text entry process.

New features include a speedometer for continuous monitoring of your input speed in standard WPM. Also, Wide Writing allows you to use the full screen as an input area, just as you will with your “buttonless” cell phone. Complete kit includes instructions, Quick Trainer, HackMaster program, and Go-Thumbscript. Also a “beamable” Palm Demo, a Desktop Demo you can use with your browser, and our White Paper on Thumbscript. This is what you need if you are turned on by Thumbscript.