The Smallest and Lightest Network Server Goes Wireless

The Smallest and Lightest Network Server Goes Wireless


The Aries, a wireless LAN solution, is a small, robust, easy-to-use, Linux based micro server, which supports the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard.

Within minutes, users can have their entire network running, and have full Internet access with wireless LAN capabilities for the entire office, without the need of an expensive MIS staff. The traditional complexities of other servers have been omitted from this innovative product without sacrificing functionality and performance. Set up and maintenance is a breeze with the Aries’ simple user interface. The Aries is designed so that a typical office manager could setup and maintain this server.

Enabling Wireless Networking (802.11b) is as easy as plugging in an optional PCMCIA card into the server. This is an ideal way to add scalable networks without the cost and hassles of laying network cables. The Aries will make all network resources available to its wireless clients.