Coventive To Deliver Linux-based Hand-held PC Solution to Legend Computers in China

Coventive To Deliver Linux-based Hand-held PC Solution to Legend Computers in China


Coventive Technologies, an international software company specializing in embedded Linux solutions for information appliances (IA) and server appliances (SA), will deliver a total embedded Linux software solution for a hand-held PC to China’s largest IT company and PC market share leader, Legend Computers. The contract won last year, Coventive’s solution is based on its own developed Chinese Linux OS, XTinux 1.0, which is optimized for embedded use in IA products requiring a very small software footprint, yet advanced functionality and high reliability.

Legend set the stage back in 1998 by delivering the first Chinese-based hand-held PC in China and expects to launch the new Linux-based hand-held PC in the second quarter 2001. “We chose Coventive Technologies as our software supplier for this product because of their experience and expertise with embedded Linux, which should give us a competitive edge in China’s growing hand-held computer market place,” said Hon-Bo Lai, Product Manager, Hand-held Computing Department of Legend Computers. “Coventive’s solution fits with Legend’s commitment to customers of advanced technology at a reasonable price.”

Legend’s hand-held computer is based on an Intel® StrongARM processor; it includes 32MB RAM, 16MB flash memory, and runs on a Li-ion rechargeable battery. The hand-held PC supports USB ports, serial ports, CF card and CF modem card. “Intel’s StrongARM technology is ideal for the next generation of advanced hand-held devices,” said Hank Lai, Regional Marketing Manager, Wireless and Networking Product Group of Intel, Asia Pacific. “Intel is obviously pleased that Coventive has developed a Linux OS which optimizes the StrongARM processor, targeting high-end hand-held devices requiring low-power consumption.”

“The interest in Linux as an embedded operating system is growing dramatically among the leading OEM and ODM IT appliance companies. Coventive’s XTinux OS 1.0, based on the latest 2.4 kernel version, captures the best advantages of performance and customizability,” affirms Steve Chen, General Manager, Information Appliance Business Unit of Coventive Technologies. “With a sales and engineering team of over 45 in Beijing and Xi’An dedicated to embedded solutions, Coventive is by far the best placed company to support embedded Linux demand in China.”

The Legend hand-held PC, based on Coventive’s XTinux 1.0 kernel, will be demonstrated at Coventive Technologies’ booth at the LinuxWorld Conference in New York City, starting January 30.