E-Mail Device with Digital Camera

E-Mail Device with Digital Camera


TU-KA Cellular Tokyo Inc. said it would launch the “CaraMio” mobile e-mail device in mid-February.

This is a succeeding iteration of “Cara” that was released in December 1999. CaraMio adds a new revolving digital camera. Users can send/receive taken images by the digital camera with a 70,000-pixel CMOS color image sensor. The device itself can store 100 images at maximum.

It has Access Co., Ltd.’s built-in NetFront Ver2.6 browser conforming to HTML 3.2.

Users can utilize “Cara Net,” TU-KA’s content service which includes chat, bulletins, and fortune-telling contents. Home page-building is also possible by posting taken images to personal/bulletin areas in Cara Net.

Cellular phone users can acquire an e-mail address for free. They do not have to contract an ISP as this terminal use TU-KA’s Internet access service “Internet Freeway.” Communication fees set by the Freeway connection service will apply.

The display of CaraMio is a 3.8-inch transparent color STN-LCD with a resolution of 320 x 240 dots. The dimensions are 95mm deep x 138mm wide x 26mm high, and weighs 285g. Battery works for 6 hours in continuous display mode and 3 hours in data communication mode.

The CaraMio carries an open price tag. It is provided from Seiko Instruments Inc.