Seiko WMS Prototype Cellphone Watch

Seiko WMS Prototype Cellphone Watch


SII is proud to announce the Wrist Mount System (WMS)- the new standard in wearable information devices. WMS tools are designed so that you can use them in one easy click. “Take it off and use it!” is the WMS concept.

A communication tool packaged as a wristwatch used to be something in a science fiction story. We used to believe that a wristwatch should only be worn on your wrist. Now, SII takes the next step in innovation – “Take it off and use it!” You can wear it like a watch, so it is with out all the time, and it is easy to take it off your wrist and use it with only one hand.

As you take the WMS off your wrist, it automatically changes shape and function. With one click the WMS shifts from a wristwatch shape to a phone. On the wrist it is comfortable and fashionable, in the hand it’s a full function communication tool.

Desktop, Laptop, Palmtop, now we evolve to Wrist-Top – a new wearable style that starts with the concept of “Take it off and use it!” It allows you to access your essential information anytime, anywhere. Wearing it comfortably on your wrist you can respond to any incoming information and respond by sending information, where you are. Wrist-top makes all possible.

SII developed innovative man-machine interface software that enables complex functions with every few button pushes. This was realized through an intuitive operating system and graphic user interface. This design uses instinctively recognizable icons and friendly user interface allowing fast and accurate operation.

The WMS is designed for one hand operation using your thumb after you remove it from your wrist. The unique shape and optimum button size make quick and reliable operation a reality in a small package.

The Hinge design gives the WMS natural movement. This newly developed design provides easy, one touch opening while still providing secure attachment with no risk of accident release.

The communication functions are divided into five function blocks, and each one is allocated an area on the main case and wristband. Minimizing the thickness of the main case, and integrating its form with the wristband improve the overall comfort and durability.