TomTom Personal Travel Information Software

TomTom Personal Travel Information Software


TomTom is a unique personalised locations-based service for use while preparing a journey and while travelling. TomTom plans the users’ route for them and gives information about their location and nearby places of interest. The service will cover Western Europe, including the whole of the UK, by the summer.

TomTom can be accessed on the move, or at home. For mobile use TomTom supports WAP phones, or a next generation smart phone. People can also access the service using a PC and web browser. The application behaves the same across all platforms, using the same user settings, favourite places etc.

TomTom makes optimum use of the possibilities that WAP offer today but has been designed with GPRS, 3G and smart phones in mind.

When users input their location, or a specific place they want to visit on their mobile phone, PC or PDA device, information will come up showing where they are. It will offer points of interest in the surrounding area, for example restaurants, ATMs, garages, newsagents and shopping centres with routes of how to get to a specific place. TomTom is being constantly expanded and new information services added.

TomTom is a personal service and remembers the places the user has visited, routes taken, whether these were on foot or by car and general preferences e.g. types of restaurants.

Specific directions to places can be given in text format or in the form of a map. This map can then be compressed to one square kilometre. This will provide an estimated journey duration, progress on the route and specific instructions such as: after 100 meters turn right down Friar St etc.