Toshiba’s 2.0GB HDD Offers the Largest Storage Capacity in the Type II...

Toshiba’s 2.0GB HDD Offers the Largest Storage Capacity in the Type II PC Card Format


Extending its leadership in the mobile computing industry, the Computer System Group (CSG) of Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc. Monday announced the availability of the 2.0GB(a), 1.8-inch Type II PC Card Hard Disk Drive, allowing mobile users to back up data and access large files anytime, anywhere.

With the largest capacity storage currently available in a Type II PC Card form factor, Toshiba leads the way in providing high-performance storage solutions for mobile users. Weighing less than two ounces, Toshiba’s credit card-sized HDD introduces a sleek design with powerful storage capacity, eliminating the need for and hassle of carrying data from multiple diskettes or CDs while on the road.

In addition to storing large files from a PC and removable applications (data back-up capacity equivalent to three CDs), the 1.8-inch HDD also serves as a bridging device to transfer digital data from electronic equipment with a PC Card slot.

With a data transfer rate of up to 20MB per second, large files can be stored quickly — all without the need of external cables, power supplies or specific media, increasing the productivity of mobile users. Combining a quick data transfer rate and 2.0GB storage capacity, co-workers can now share large amounts of data more quickly and efficiently.

The removable HDD also provides an excellent data security solution, as the Type II Card can be removed from the computer and locked away at night, keeping sensitive files secure.