SSL Encrypted Video Surveillance from Anywhere in the World

SSL Encrypted Video Surveillance from Anywhere in the World

SHARE (eMS), developer of leading-edge Internet streaming video and audio technology, has allied with ZATRA to offer shopping centers across the country eMS’ RemoteManager streaming media. ZATRA provides next generation broadband solutions for shopping centers.

Under the agreement, ZATRA will offer eMS’ sophisticated streaming media to its current and new shopping center clients. eMS’ technology will enable shopping center owners and retail tenants to use either existing or supplied security cameras to monitor their establishments — even multiple properties — from any location in the world that has Internet access. In addition, with eMS’ digital archiving they also can review in-store activities from earlier time periods.

Not only can storeowners view their businesses from almost anywhere, but they can see significantly larger screen images without choppy video movement. eMS can stream video over the Internet with picture size up to four times larger and synchronized sound, at virtually any bandwidth rate — via dial-up modem, any broadband connection or even, under certain circumstances, via wireless devices.

“eMS’ RemoteManager is the most advanced video and audio streaming technology available today,” said Sunny Burra, president and CEO of ZATRA. “We searched carefully for the best video to offer in ZATRA’s bundle of services and we found that eMS’ technology is not only ahead of its competition in terms of sheer technology, it’s also the only truly comprehensive solution.”

At present, ZATRA is preparing to wire more than 50 shopping centers and malls across the nation with high-speed, broadband Internet lines. The company will begin to offer eMS’ RemoteManager in early February.

“ZATRA is a perfect match for us,” said John Wilkinson, eMS’ senior vice president, of marketing and sales. “With ZATRA poised for such extensive market penetration, eMS’ video streaming capability will allow shopping centers owners to offer their tenants the best video monitoring solution for their management needs, from staff support to loss prevention to customer service.”