Next Generation Scalable Transformation Engine Launched By MobileAware

Next Generation Scalable Transformation Engine Launched By MobileAware


MobileAware, the leading provider of e-business mobility infrastructure for mobile operators and ASPs has launched a highly scalable and performant next generation transformation engine which will significantly enhance the capabilities of its Everix product suite.

Everix is an innovative e-business mobility infrastructure platform that enables existing and new web-based content and applications to be seamlessly integrated and delivered to any Internet enabled device, including PCs, smartphones, PDAs and laptops.

The new transformation engine, which is programmed in pure Java, has been architected to enable real-time, carrier class transcoding of content for delivery to any web-enabled device.

Speaking today, Brian Kinane, CTO and co-founder of MobileAware said, iaConventional content transcoding methods involving XSLTs 1 were not designed to support complex or high volume transformations and consequently they are too slow to deliver content to end-users in real-time. Our new transcoding engine has been developed to address this deficiency as it relates to the mobile operator environment, and it is therefore programmed to be inherently scalable and highly performant.”

The new engine supports a number of enhanced features including sophisticated support for the delivery of rich mobile multimedia. This optimizes the display capabilities of each device by identifying the most appropriate object to be delivered to each terminal according to its unique display capabilities. For example, a video stream may be appropriate for delivery to a device that can support streaming media, but if a user is accessing the same content over a mobile phone with less functionality, a static graphic will be delivered to the user instead.

Another key feature of the transcoding engine is its ability to aggregate content from multiple sources, including external XML and XHTML documents. This will enable web authors to create enhanced e-services by combining existing Internet content with third party services such as news feeds or financial data.

“From the outset, Everix has been architected to deliver an excellent return on investment to mobile operators, and this latest product enhancement is an endorsement of our commitment to achieving this.” Said Mr. Kinane.