MisterWeb Internet Machine

MisterWeb Internet Machine


The Charisma company is presenting an exclusive new Internet device called “MisterWeb”, which allows you to connect to the ‘Net of nets without a PC. All MisterWeb needs are electrical and telephone outlets.

Many Internet users are all too familiar with the difficult process of connecting a PC to the Internet. Detailed knowledge of installation and various information really make it difficult for the novice user. Long the standard for browsing with a PC, even Internet Explorer can cause a few surprises. The newcomer is immediately overwhelmed with all sorts of technical concepts like ISP, data communications connections, proxies or cookies. Sure, Internet Service Providers offer installation CD’s, but here again a layman on the PC can experience many surprises.

The technical world does agree on one point: the Internet must become easier for everyone in the future. Especially for people who don’t have professional PC skills. Whoever can’t figure out how to get around in this new medium will be further and further distanced from society from an informational standpoint.

With MisterWeb there’s finally a safe, user-friendly, and quick way to gain access to the Internet. At 9.84″, this ergonomical tabletop device offers a very legible screen, which is easily controlled through touch. The MisterWeb user navigates the Internet with a very user-friendly, almost magical device.

Right at startup, the device allows for a hassle-free connection to the Internet. MisterWeb comes already hooked up with ISDN and/or analog phone connectors. Every necessary technical operation is automatically carried out behind the scenes, so the user isn’t required to type in anything. When the device does connect to the Internet, the user is presented with a full pallet of topics, each with multiple subtopics. With simple navigation, the desired information pops up on screen.