Freeplay S360 Solar Powered Radio

Freeplay S360 Solar Powered Radio


Freeplay Energy was established to pioneer human generated electrical energy. From its origins as a simple concept to the creation of real products that benefit people worldwide, our Self Sufficient Energy system truly empowers users by enabling human mechanical effort to be stored and then delivered as electricity, upon demand and in controllable amounts.

Today Freeplay Energy is the only company worldwide that focuses on developing and marketing this permanently renewable, ecologically sound power technology. We have created applications where Self Sufficient Energy is integral to the device itself — Freeplay radios and flashlights are perfect examples — or it can be a stand-alone unit that powers several devices. Telephones, transceivers, navigating aids, computers, medical and military equipment are all suitable for self-powered adaptation.

The S360 lets you enjoy the freedom of reliable energy in a stylishly translucent, compact package. Like many of the Freeplay radios and flashlights, the S360 is free from disposable batteries and extremely portable, offering dependability, convenience and exceptional sound quality.

Internal Power Source B-Motor textured carbon steel spring, driving a DC generator through a transmission. Approximately 60 turns provides 20-30 minutes of playtime.

External Power Source Jack for AC adapter (centre positive) 4.5V DC/100mA (min).

Solar Power Source High performance thin amorphous film solar panel.

Battery Controlled Unwind Circuit: This circuit allows optimal utilization of the energy contained in the spring.